evolve name the monster

I dub you “QuestionMark Face.”

Turtle Rock are trying to drum up some involvement in the naming process of their fourth Evolve monster, and in the process self-advertising the fact that it’s a pre-order bonus. Basically, this fourth monster won’t be out until after the game releases next Feburary, and it’ll cost money if you didn’t pre-purchase.

The developer claims it hasn’t even finished designing the monster yet, but they do already know that it’ll be a massive one. Bigger than the Goliath, as you can see from the handy dinosaur-esque size chart above. Judging by the silhouette, he has big ol’ lobster claws too.

Is Lobster McClawhands one of the options in the Evolve naming survey, though? Sadly, no. The four choices are all pretty generic and dull. Juggernaut. Titan. Colossus. Behemoth.

No “Steve,” or “Oswald Heidrichsen III,” or even obvious ironic options like “Tiny.” This whole thing feels like a missed opportunity for an amazing write-in vote.

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