Evolve’s PC players numbers are looking pretty grim these days, so maybe new details about DLC will perk people up … or not. The four Hunters who were part of the $25.00 ‘Season Pass’ package (not actually a season pass, because it omits other DLC) have now been revealed by Turtle Rock.

They’ll be available from 31 March, as will the fourth ‘Behemoth’ monster. He was included as an Evolve pre-order incentive, but if you didn’t pre-order the game he’ll cost … $15.00. Yikes.

So, who’s going to be new in the game?


Torvald will be added to the Assault class. He has back-mounted mortar cannons (splash damage ahoy,) a close quarters shrapnel grenade to plop a bunch of weak spots on the monster, and an autofire shotgun.


Sunny is the DLC Support class. She can drop shield drones to cover nearby hunters, a presumably rather helpful jetpack booster buff, and a mininuke grenade launcher which “more punch in a single projectile than any other hand-wielded weapon in the game.”

evolve croooooww

Crooowwww is a robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and should not be trusted with this sort of mission. Actually, no, he’s a reclusive hunter who has a trained pet Batray called Gobi to help him hunt the monster. Gobi can fly ahead and scout an area, allowing Crow to see what’s there. Crow also has a slowing stasis gun with rapid fire and charged shot modes, as well as a kinetic long rife with the same pair of modes.


Finally, here’s medic Slim; an insectoid hybrid. His main weapon is the leech gun, which can drain strength from the monster to fuel Slim’s own wide-radius healing burst. He can pop off a healing drone to buzz around and continually heal team-mates over time, too. He’s also got a spore cloud launcher which can mask the hunter’s scent from the monster player.

These guys all actually sound like pretty entertaining additions to Evolve. It’s a shame they’re so expensive.

Peter Parrish

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