Evolve’s Evacuation trailer hints at mode with multiple monsters

Evolve’s Evacuation trailer hints at mode with multiple monsters
evolve evacuation2
Sir, your head appears to be on fire.

This new Evolve trailer manages to include suggestions of multiple things I wasn’t even aware the game had. A pseudo single player mode? No idea that was planned. One brief clip of multiple monsters attacking hunters? Yep, that’s quite surprising too. Evacuation mode? Not a clue.

So, here’s what I’ve been able to find out from trawling through older Evolve interviews and stuff. The game intends to have a Left 4 Dead-ish approach to single player, which I guess shouldn’t be to surprisingly given Turtle Rock’s history. ‘Single player’ for Evolve will probably just mean “playing the multiplayer modes but with the AI filling in bot roles.”

The game also hopes to (again, like Left 4 Dead) reveal bits of story through gameplay. Learning the backstory and fiction through the characters and environments, is what I assume that will mean.

Precisely what Evacuation mode entails, I’m not sure. It may relate to the snippet in the trailer showing multiple monsters swarming the hunters (Evacuation implies some kind of retreat, after all – perhaps like the overwhelming finales in Left 4 Dead.) Here’s a screengrab from that part, it happens around 1.49. Could just be a dramatic device for the benefit of the advert, though.

That’s a lot of monsters.

And here’s the trailer. I’m afraid it’s Xbox branded because Evacuation mode will be in the Xbox One beta or something. Evolve is due in February 2015.

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