Evolve’s Hunters Revealed

Evolve’s Hunters Revealed

Turtle Rock Studios, the makers of Left 4 Dead, has revealed four of the hunters from their upcoming FPS, Evolve.

Evolve may be an FPS, but it runs ground on a novel (if not completely new) concept. You play as a group of four hunters stalking a monster in an alien landscape. If you take too long and the monster powers itself up, it can evolve into an unstoppable powerhouse.

You can also choose to play the monster.

Turtle Rock has made another interesting shift away from FPS conventions. Although there are four classes for hunters, you can choose to play as specific characters with classes, and not build one from scratch. You can read more about the first four hunters they have revealed below:

Assault Class Markov

Trapper Class Griffin

Support Class Hank

Medic Class Val

Evolve is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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