Unity CEO David Helgason has revealed that he is stepping down from his position. Replacing him will be Unity consultant and former EA CEP John Riccitiello.

Helgason and Riccitiello will essentially be switching places, as Helgason claims he will still be involved in the decision making and strategy of the company he founded.

Helgason also took care to reassure devs that not much will change:

John completely agrees with our vision and our strategy. If anything, it means that we’ll be more focused than ever about making sure everyone has access to the best technology and services.

Unity emerged as an accessible and easy to use alternative to Unreal Engine, and found success by selling themselves to indie developers. Today, Unity is the market leader in mobile, and is extensively used by indies in PC and consoles. In fact, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have all penned deals to make Unity free to developers who have signed up to make games for them.

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