May 26th, 2017

Ex-Pandemic Employees Form New Studio

Four veterans of Pandemic Studios have opened a new studio which looks to be poking fun at EA.The studio, named Downsized Games, is currently working on an iPhone/iPod Touch title named “BulleTrain” – the blurb for which appears to reference EA quite a lot.BulleTrain is set in a future where “giant megacorporations rule the universe,” with Bullet-railroad barons – led by “the dastardly JR” – being the “richest and most powerful people in the galaxy.” The backstory goes that the player ran a small shipping company on Glendon-19, but a hostile takeover by Elaborate Acquisitions left them on the streets. The player, now out for revenge, outfits their transport ship with weapons in order to take out the corporations’ B-Rails.The references, for those who haven’t spotted them: JR is presumably a reference to EA’s CEO John Riccitiello, Elaborate Acquisitions refers to EA, and Glendon-19 refers to Pandemic’s old studio on Glendon Avenue.Pandemic Studios was “relocated” by EA back in November, shortly before the launch of The Saboteur. Shame, as it was really rather enjoyable.Downsized Games is composed of Manny Vega, Andrew Mournian, Zach Haefner, and Ariel Tal. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.Thanks to Kotaku for this.

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