Fancy a copy of Cities in Motion in return for minimal effort on your part? Paradox certainly hopes so, because it’s offering you a copy of the transport-strategy title in exchange for your time. No, this isn’t like that Cillian Murphy film In Time; you just have to fill in a survey.
The survey deadline is 31 March and GamersGate keys for Cities in Motion will be sent out to all participants “a few weeks” after that. So, as can so often be the case with public transport (great though it is), you may have to wait a while.
I found Cities in Motion to be pretty decent when I reviewed it back in March of last year. This free version won’t include any of the DLC add-ons, but then I didn’t have any of those for my review either.
You can find the survey at the link below. It claims it’ll only take 15-20 minutes of your precious lifetime.

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