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The real-time strategy genre was a huge deal for competitive gamers back in the day. Games like StarCraft dominated the competitive scene before the term “esports” was ever conceived. However, the interests of the masses eventually shifted to the first-person shooter genre. This was largely due to the intense in-your-face action and added emphasis on reaction timings that made the genre captivating to play and watch. And yet there are plenty who still fancy RTS games these days. This is where Eximius: Seize the Frontline comes in, because it attempts to merge the two genres into a single gameplay experience.

In Eximius, you can participate as a soldier or as a commander depending on how you want to go about dominating the battlefield. It will likely take a little bit of both to ensure victory though. There are all kinds of units that you’ll be able to call in such as foot soldiers, mechs, armored heavy vehicles, and even exosuit elites.

The different units types all look pretty badass, but also particularly deadly when directly controlled by players. Commanders will definitely need to keep an eye out for ace soldiers. It does sound particularly satisfying though to order a small army to deal with one troublesome would-be hero. And if certain individuals continue to cause unnecessary headaches, it will be even more satisfying to deal with them personally.

Hold back in reserve

This might be a game you want to keep an eye on if this all sounds interesting to you. The gameplay and graphics of Eximius: Seize the Frontline look particularly good when considering what it has to offer. It visually reminds me a bit of Titanfall at times. The gameplay looks a bit more like Battlefield. Not a lot of developers have explored this idea before, and most have yet to find any real success. The closest any AAA game ever got to this (that I can think of) was in Battlefield 4, which featured a “Commander” mode. You could call in airstrikes, monitor troop movements, suggest objectives, and the like. It never went too in-depth though.

Eximius Seize The Frontline Gameplay Commander

Commander mode.

Eximius seems like a great way to bring two genres together. It will face some fierce competition though, as it will need to deliver solid gameplay for two different genres simultaneously. If it doesn’t, I can’t see why players would want to play a mishmash of two genres that each have strong respective followings. Developer Ammobox Studios is certainly being ambitious, and if successful, it could yield something very unique and enticing. We’re certainly onboard with the idea.

Eximius: Seize the Frontline is exiting Early Access and launching into version 1.0 on March 16. Judging by the existing reviews, it just might live up to the hype.

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