wasteland 2

The Centron Deluxe has had a facelift … to an extent.

As spotted by the fine news-spotting eyes of Blues, there’s been a fresh update on the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page from Brian Fargo confirmed the date of a beta and a delay to the game itself. The problem is (and it’s a nice problem to have,) we all gave Wasteland 2 so much money that the scope of the game has rather expanded from the studio’s original intent.

According to Fargo, everything is in-budget and neatly planned out, but it’s going to take a bit longer than anticipated. He says that a playable, “feature complete” build will be ready next month, but this is actually around six weeks behind the point he was hoping to be at. As a result, there’ll be a beta in October (which backers who pledged at the required levels will of course have access to,) and the main game release will be pushed back a bit.

There’s no specific date set for the release yet, this will be evaluated after the beta period ends. Presumably, though, we’re looking at early 2014.

“We are still having a blast making Wasteland 2 and we thank you again for entrusting us to work in a matter that will allow us to deliver to our vision and quality standards,” he adds.

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