Expansions Announced For Newly-Renamed Kings’ Crusade

The artist formerly known as Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade is to receive two new expansion packs, according to publisher Paradox Interactive.
Henceforth, the RPG-strategy title will be known as just “The Kings’ Crusade” – perhaps finally admitting that it’s foolish to try to share a name with a Kate Bush album.
More importantly, those aforementioned expansions will be released in early 2011. The first (Arabian Nights) will be issued on 8 February and focus on the Saracen forces. This will be followed at a later date by Teutonic Knights, a Crusader-based add-on.
If you fancy knowing more about the game, why take a look at the IncGamers review from back in those crazy days when it was still called Lionheart.