August 23rd, 2017

Expensive SimCity Cities of Tomorrow pre-orders now online – Get Launch Arcology

SiomCity fans will not be too happy with the price of the just announced expansion SimCity Cities of Tomorrow.

Pre-orders for the city building expansion are now online  and will set you back quite a hefty £29.99. With no real feature improvements such as larger cities, and what could effectively be considered a large DLC update, the expansion is pretty steep.

It’s almost as if Maxis and EA have death wish for the SimCity franchise by overlooking the most asked for feature which is larger cities. Obviously the solution they have thought of to tackle this is to build up instead of out in the expansion but that’s not quite the same.

At £29.99 the expansion is expensive, but considering the price of some of the DLC we shouldn’t have expected anything less.

If you pre-order the game you will be granted the Launch Arcology but whether that’s enticing enough remains to be seen. Here it is in some lovely screenshots.

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