Extent of Weapon Mods in Blacklight: Tango Down Revealed

Ignition Entertainment has revealed some more details on the expansive range of weaponry that will be available to gamers in their upcoming first-person shooter Blacklight: Tango Down.

Although the weaponry is firmly based in reality players will be able to customise with barrels, stocks and weapon tags to increase effectiveness through increased accuracy, faster running speed and decrease in weapon kickbacks.  This will give them access to a staggering 152 million different primary weapon combinations, 157,248 secondary weapon combinations, and 312 character model/camouflage combinations.  Give or take.

But that needn’t bog you down, if weapon modification isn’t your thing, there will be presets from the get go which you can either leave as they are or add further modifications as you go along.  Additional presets will be unlocked as the player climbs their way up through the ranks.