Extra Trine For 75% Less

Action puzzler Trine has today received a Steam update which adds a brand new level to the game.

Of course ‘Path to New Dawn’ isn’t going to be much use to people unless they own a copy of Trine. But wait, what’s this? The game is discounted by 75% on Steam for the whole week. How handy.

At that price, you’ll probably want to take a look at the title Tim described as “absolutely beautiful.” Unless a wizard dropped a box on your pet guinea pig, or something.We’ve asked developer Frozenbyte whether the PS3 version will also be receiving this bonus level, and we’ll update you with any reply.UPDATE: Joel from Frozenbyte tells us “At the moment we don’t know. We’re going to try and we’re looking into some possibilities right now, but I can’t promise anything yet…” 

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