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We’ve been messing around in what was called Dirty Bomb for quite a few months now but then came the news that it was being renamed to Extraction when Splash Damage joined forces with publisher Nexon.

Thanks to the deal with Nexon, things appear to be moving quicker for Extraction and this evening they revealed that a closed beta test will start on 1 October.

The Extraction closed beta will have limited openings, so only a select number of players will be able to participate. Notifications will be sent to chosen players by Oct. 1, when the closed beta period begins. In addition to stability testing, the closed beta will serve as a channel for new players to help further shape Extraction into a fair and balanced playing field. Extraction’s alpha community has made significant contributions to the game since December 2012.

Anyone who backed Dirty Bomb with real cash will be added to the test as confirmed again by Splash Damage.

All members of the Founder’s Club will get immediate access to the Closed Beta upon launch. You’ve been an integral part of Extraction’s development, and you’ll be first in line for the Closed Beta too. A Closed Beta registration website will launch in the coming days to allow the wider public to apply for the Closed Beta. Since all of you get automatic access to the ClosedBeta, you will not need to apply for the Closed Beta.

The Closed Beta (and the live game after that) will be operated by Nexon using their vast infrastructure, which means you’ll need a Nexon America account to play the Closed Beta.

To make this switch as easy as possible, we’re working on a tool that’ll let you switch over to Nexon’s environment. We’ll essentially be linking your Founder’s Pack information to your Nexon account, which will give you all of your in-game items and status, as well as instant access to the Closed Beta.

If you’re new to the game then a beta sign-up form is live on the the official website so you can try your luck there.

There’s no indication of what will be included on the test but we’ll know doubt hear more soon.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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