Extraction renamed back to Dirty Bomb

dirty bomb
To be honest, you do sometimes need to be armed to get a spot on the London Eye.

Splash Damage has returned to the name Dirty Bomb for its upcoming online shooter. Although the press release about this name change doesn’t really mention it, the title was actually announced as Dirty Bomb before changing to the utterly boring and generic Extraction at a later date. Now it’s back to Dirty Bomb again.

In explanation, the company says Dirty Bomb is a “better fit [for the] game’s unique personality” and will “almost definitely” be the last name change prior to launch. So at least they’re being quite self-aware about this.

The game is a free-to-play (and “free-to-win” apparently,) online, team-based shooter from the chaps behind Quake Wars and Brink. Players pick from a bunch of mercenaries with different personalities, talents and weapons to create “specialised squads” and pursue riches. Possibly, and I’m going out on a limb here, in the form of killing other players with projectile weaponry.

You’ll be running around the streets of a bombed out London, now controlled by Private Military Companies (those guys again!) attempting to control the city’s buried riches.

To sign up for a chance to be in the limited closed beta for Dirty Bomb (and definitely not Extraction) head over to the game’s site.

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