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F1 2020 rips and roars through the tracks to bring Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsports racing, straight to your fingertips. Competition will be fierce and the learning curve will be punishing, but, with several assists and settings, you can fine-tune your vehicle and driving skills as you progress. Here’s our guides and features hub to help you out.

F1 2020: Guides and features hub

Official review – Our official review of F1 2020 takes a look at all the gameplay mechanics, track features, challenging progression, seasonal modes, and overall presentation.

Technical review – Our technical review of F1 2020 looks under the hood, not of your car, but the various settings of the game. We delve into graphics comparisons, performance and benchmark, audio options, controls, and more.

MyTeam: The basics – MyTeam is an all-new season-type mode that’s introduced in this year’s game. It not only has the Formula One Grand Prix season that you’re accustomed to but also management options related to your teammate, sponsors, facilities, and more.

MyTeam: Selecting your sponsors – Your main source of income in MyTeam will be your sponsors. Choose wisely since they’ll provide you with bonuses in terms of weekly cash inflows, as well as seasonal and race weekend goals.

MyTeam: Managing your driver and teammate – You’re not only the owner of the team; you’re also one of the drivers. Better yet, you’ve got your partner whose skills might need a bit of tweaking.

MyTeam: Facilities upgrades – There are six facilities for you to upgrade and they can be quite costly. In turn, you’ll get the benefits from faster R&D parts development to additional perks for your teammate and Acclaim generation.

Driver Career: Choosing your Formula One team – If you’re not keen on forming your own group, you can always play F1 2020‘s regular career mode where you join the best racing teams in the world.

Increasing your Acclaim and interview questions – Whether it’s Driver Career/Career Mode or MyTeam, you’ll need to boost your Acclaim to reach the top-tier among competitors. Oh, and you also need to pick the right answers to interviewer questions.

F1 2020 Guides And Features Hub Myteam Feat

F1 2020 is available via Steam. The standard edition releases on July 10 and it can be purchased for $59.99. However, the Deluxe Schumacher Edition allows players to start racing on July 7.

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