Fable III PC Version Delayed

Microsoft has confirmed the PC version of Fable III has been delayed.
Both the Xbox 360 and PC versions were slated to launch on 26 October however that has now been changed to “optimise” the experience for each platform.
“The console and PC versions are now on different schedules as we’re focusing on building experiences optimized for each platform,” the company told IGN.
Microsoft assured Xbox owners they would still be getting the eagerly anticipated third RPG in the series in October but they couldn’t give a specific date for the now delayed PC version.

“We aren’t announcing a ship date for the PC SKU at this time, but expect news soon.” 
So what can you do to keep yourself occupied? Well there is always the Fable III villager creator that was released yesterday.
Players can create their own uniquely looking villagers with a wide variety of character traits and then import them into the game when it launches to earn extra gold and additional quests.