Fabraz Teams Up With Playonic Friends To Summon Demon Turf (3)

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Yooka-Laylee developers at Playtonic were branching out into the publishing game. Under its new Playtonic Friends label, fans can expect more Yooka-Laylee projects and other games that the team will help push out. The very first game has now been revealed as Fabraz’s 3D platformer, Demon Turf.

Previously revealed in June of last year, players will take on the role of Beebz, a young 1,000-year-old demon. In order to claim the throne, she must reclaim the various turfs found around the world. In the end, you must defeat the Demon King. It is an interesting premise, to say the least.


The action will be backed up by its fresh take on the platforming genre. The hybrid 2D/3D art style will definitely have its supporters. The game’s humor and punky attitude will also certainly appeal to players.

Fabraz also wants Demon Turf to be replayable and provide an ever-evolving challenge for players. However, talking is easy, which is why the development team is putting its money where its mouth is, so to speak.

Have a taste

Each week, the team is putting out a new experience of Demon Turf on Steam. In addition to the full tutorial and two complete main levels of the full game, there are Trials that offer different challenges that players can attempt to best. There are leaderboards to climb, and there is a prize for the best player each week.

If you make it to the top of the Demon Turf leaderboard, you will be immortalized with a personalized portrait in the main game. There is also a limited edition T-shirt for winners as well.

Fabraz Teams Up With Playonic Friends To Summon Demon Turf (1)

Changing up expectations

Aside from the Trials, Demon Turf does things quite differently from other games in the genre. Fabraz is giving players the freedom to determine how they want to play. Checkpoints are not part of the game. Instead, you get to put them where you want them to be. You could show off your skills by not using any, or have checkpoints prepped for use before a challenging section. Demon Turf even allows you teleport between checkpoints if you happen to miss something.

Completing levels also changes how they function after. In this case, that means players can return to them to discover their liberated state. Expect to see both mechanical and environmental changes that will offer a fresh take.

Fabraz Teams Up With Playonic Friends To Summon Demon Turf (2)

As for combat, you cannot actually hurt the demons. Rather, you need to count on physics to do that. The system in Demon Turf will let Beebz push, pull, and spin the enemies out of the way and into danger. After all, true rulers keep their hands clean of the actual dirty work when they can.

And if all of that is not enough, Fabraz is promising plenty of side content to chew through. There are 50 specific locations/characters to line the walls of an empty gallery. You can also attempt 25 arena challenges, and 10 Demon Soccer Golf courses that put a twist on ball-pushing puzzles. Lastly, players can collect eight cartridges to unlock remixed throwback levels from 3D platformers of the past.

Demon Turf will make its way to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in the summer.

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