Facebook acquires Beat Saber developer, but it will continue with updates

Beat Saber Beat Games bought by Facebook, Oculus

In a move that’s likely to be seen as controversial to some, Facebook has acquired Beat Saber developer Beat Games into its Oculus portfolio.

The acquisition became known earlier today on the official Oculus website, where Mike Verdu, director of content, provided more information. While the dev team will help Facebook with improving content across “VR, games and music,” Beat Saber itself isn’t going anywhere.

What does this mean for the future of Beat Saber?

Verdu made it clear that all versions of the game will continue to receive support in the future. However, they will be “with even more support from Facebook.”

The company still intends to release its 360° Levels mode in December, highlighted by the video below. It features Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” in action, with players switching across several tracks in a 360-degree fashion.

As for why the company was picked up, Verdu explained that Beat Games has “only scratched the surface with Beat Saber in terms of social features, new modes, music and more.” As such, they feel that the “talented team” can take VR in a bigger direction in the future. That fits right into Oculus’ wheelhouse.

It appears modding will keep on its regular, ahem, beat as well. Verdu explained that it will attempt to “preserve the value” of the community in that regard but didn’t really discuss it much further.

As for whether Beat Games will lose its independence, Verdu assured this isn’t the case. It will continue to operate as an independent studio in Prague, thus being able to continue to update Beat Saber normally. As for what lies ahead beyond the Levels update, we’re not sure. But more information should be on hand as the new year rolls on.

So, relax, Beat Saber fans. You’ll still be able to crush blocks like a boss.