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Facebook-owned Oculus Studios has announced its acquisition of Ready at Dawn Studios. The studio is known for its work on games like the VR Echo series and The Order: 1886.

On the company’s blog, Oculus VP Mike Verdu provided some details about the future planned for its latest purchase. Ready at Dawn will become a part of the Oculus Studios team, but it will apparently still operate as an independent studio. The developer will continue to focus on shipping VR titles, with the full support of the Oculus team behind it.

Lone Echo Oculus facebook ready at dawn

Verdu explained that the decision to acquire Ready at Dawn was due to the Lone Echo developer’s continued interest in VR games. He also noted the success of Ready at Dawn’s VR software and promised that Oculus would help to improve it.

Oculus is Ready at Dawn’s biggest fan

Verdu wants Ready at Dawn to continue making quality games and is apparently a big fan of its work. The Oculus VP admired the story and characters in Lone Echo and expressed his excitement to see the franchise continue. The development for Lone Echo 2 is still going as planned, as many fans will be relieved to know. Oculus is also looking at ways to bring Ready at Dawn’s games to more people.

The Facebook-Oculus purchase of the Lone Echo developer isn’t too surprising, considering the two companies’ partnership since 2017. Ready at Dawn was already developing exclusive content for Oculus VR, so the official acquisition makes sense.

Oculus Quest facebook ready at dawn vr

Facebook has made it clear as of late that it wants to expand its reach in the gaming industry. This news comes just a day after the surprise decision by Microsoft to end the Mixer streaming service and partner with Facebook Gaming. Facebook also acquired Sanzaru Games in February, which developed Asgard’s Wrath. And it owns Beat Games, which made Beat Saber.

Oculus Studios is a division of Facebook Technologies, which is a subsidiary of Facebook Inc. Lone Echo is available for purchase on the Oculus store.

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