Bestway Director Dmitriy Morozov gives the low-down on the multiplayer modes featured in their strategy title Faces of War.Could you give us a brief description of Faces of War’s multiplayer? Faces of War multiplayer gives players an opportunity to fight against not well organized AI forces, but against a human being and this will be a completely new type of gameplay in comparison to the one in the single player mode. The dynamics and the intensity of the process depends only on the players which are controlling units. Our task is to give them a quality and convenient mechanism for this type of gameplay. The game features are going to be tested in the single player mode and then brought to the multiplayer mode. Currently it is still hard to say how the average multiplayer battle will look like, because we can only see it based on our own experience. This is an advantage and a disadvantage simultaneously, because we know all the peculiarities of the game.A fresh look. It is obvious that the Faces of War multiplayer opens new possibilities. The game mechanics taken to the multiplayer mode look a bit different. Some of the control elements which were previously not taken notice of became important and one started paying attention to them.More interesting. It goes without saying a fight with a real opponent is more exciting and unpredictable. All the decisions are carried out the way you want it or the way your opponent wants it, depending who’s currently winning.Large-scale. There will be maps that allow organize long battles where three will be place for endurance battles with tanks, infantry, ambushes, seizure of strategic points.
More dynamic. The dynamic of a battle with a real person is usually faster than playing against AI. This brings to life new types of tactics and makes one think different about using infantry and light armored vehicles.More diverse. Players wouldn’t be able to use the whole a**nal of vehicles, weapons and infantry anywhere but in a multiplayer game? Everything depends only on your imagination and skills.Which modes will Faces of War multiplayer feature?The main modes of multiplayer will be: cooperative campaign play, good old deathmatch (team Deathmatch), zone capturing mode (Battle Zones) and a specific mode with the code mane “Stalker” where one has to capture certain items (has no relation to the game that is in development). These modes were the most popular ones mostly because there are pretty easy and give a possibility even to non-hardcore gamers to play them without going into details. Certainly there will be special modes for hardcore gamers where they will be able to use all their skills and knowledge.How will it differ from Soldiers: Heroes of WWII multiplayer? First of all the multiplayer code of Faces of War was remade. There are new advanced server settings which allow to restrict the amount of vehicles and infantry that a player will have. There will also be a built-in game browser which will make it easier to find available game servers. There will also be additional options for creating servers, including dedicated servers. There will be also the long-awaited resources download from the server.This is the technical side of the question. As far as the gameplay goes, Faces of War multiplayer will differ from the one in Soldiers as much as the single player modes of these games differ one from each other. And maybe even more. The biggest difference is the team AI in Faces of War. In the multiplayer mode the points were often counted by big groups of soldiers. That is why in Faces of War we use group intellect for soldiers, which is very handful. First of all players will see how easy it is to control several squads. One shouldn’t be afraid that the soldiers will scatter all over the place. One will be able to leave them to organize an ambush, a*ign a*ault and defensive groups. New control elements will allow players to support the fast-moving tempo offered by the multiplayer of Faces of War.Could you explain us what will make Faces of War multiplayer different from competitors? What can you tell us about the unique multiplayer feature that the game will have?

The main difference of Faces of War multiplayer is, first of all, the amount of different modes and secondly their originality. Players will have quite a number of different modes to choose from and find the most interesting one. I would like to note it once again that the multiplayer mode experience of Faces of War differs a lot from the single player one.A detailed game world where almost everything can be destroyed gives new possibilities to players. This a new level of interactivity for the game of this genre. Buildings which only 5 minutes ago were used by the enemy as cover for soldiers or anti-tank guns can be completely destroyed shortly afterwards. In such a manner one can push out the enemy from a certain location, but in this case the player will not have any cover to hide his troops as well. In this case the player might decide not to destroy the building and use it for his own purposes. It is also worth mentioning that a player will be able to use vehicles as cover for soldiers more effectively. In multiplayer mode frequent a*aults/defensive actions, attacks and setbacks are much more relevant. In combination with the above mentioned mechanics this gives players almost unlimited opportunities in fighting the enemy. One should also remember about mine-laying which gives a lot of opportunities in a multiplayer game.

Would you bring any gameplay innovation to the multiplayer?All the above mentioned features are actually innovations. While making ‘Faces of War’ and its predecessor ‘Soldiers: Heroes of WWII’, we didn’t intend to make “a typical strategy/tactical game, which would differ from others in some parameters”. All that differ ‘Faces of War’ from its competitors are innovations and not the diversities like “textures of different color”, “larger camera view angle” or “large amount of enemies”. The same is with multiplayer. We offer players a wonderful playground with large opportunities. This is the main innovation of the game: to offer the player a wide range of actions, establish the world, which would react to players’ actions. If it is to some extent predictable in single player mode (we try to foresee the player’s actions, try to surprise him somewhere or help), it is by far harder in Multiplayer. Here the players themselves create the game process, the only thing, which limits them is the map dimensions or game rules. The players themselves will find innovations in the gameplay, we are sure of that. I think you can agree to the fact that it is more interesting than to use the options already provided by the developers and nothing more.Will Faces of War have multiplayer missions based on single player maps or will players discover all-new locations?The maps in multiplayer will be made from scratch. It depends on the fact that specific network characteristics require other scales and other landscapes. Some maps will be available only in several network modes, others will be created specially for one of them. We are going to include several most interesting single player maps into multiplayer mode.How many players can join in the Faces of War multiplayer mode?All multiplayer modes are available for 2 to 16 players. Cooperative play – from 2 to 4. In theory these figures can alter by the time the game is released.How will the multiplayer game be? Will players control their squad in multiplayer like they do in the single player mode?The appearance and main playing principles of multiplayer will correspond with the single player mode. But there are no more similarities. As I said gameplay in multiplayer will differ greatly from the single player mode. Surely the player will have an opportunity to make squads, divide them into units, a*ign hot keys like in single player mode. The number of soldiers under player’s command will be limited by the server settings and multiplayer mode. What is going to happen afterwards depends only on a player, his skills and efforts.How do you get points, killing other players, or successfully completing mission objectives?Both of these statements are right. Both killing the enemy and completing specific objectives will be important in various modes. For instance in Battle Zones mode the player will have to occupy and control specified playing areas, which will bring points. In (Team) Deathmatch players or teams will gain points for annihilating the enemy infantry and vehicles. Different classes of destroyed units will differentiate the points’ type.Frankly speaking, I would like to skip the detailed description of the multiplayer mechanics for some reasons. First of all due to the principle of scoring, the description will take long time and it is hardly can be qualified as entertaining. On the other hand, there are some ideas and novelties in the multiplayer systems, which I would prefer to keep in secret till some time.
10. What happens if you die? Will you be able to take control of an other squad who was previously controlled by AI, or do you just respawn somewhere?The player doesn’t die, this is not our game. He may lose all of his soldiers and all vehicles, in this case he can buy new ones. If he doesn’t have such a chance, he will have either to wait for a chance or ask for help from his allies. Maybe there will be other options of reinforcing, but it is too early to speak about them.Co-op mode is a special feature which would be fun to play. Could you give us more details on the co-op mode? Cooperative play gives players a possibility to test their skills as a team player, to help their team-mates. On the easy level this means a lot of fun. But the most interesting thing from my point of view starts on the hard difficulty level. The missions themselves in this mode are designed in the way to use different tactical possibilities and players will have an opportunity to complete these missions faster using different co-op tactics. Finding and inventing this type of tactics will be a fascinating.Is there any chance that we will be be able to test Faces of War multiplayer before the release? Currently we don’t plan to release a demo with multiplayer mode. But if the situation changes gamers will get all the information from the official site of the game. So stay tuned, maybe our plans will change.Multiplayer mode detailsCOOPERATIVEThis mode allows to perform single campaigns together with several players (from 2 till 4). The units are fairly divided among the players. It is also allowed to give a part of one’s units to other players. In this mode the players’ soldiers don’t die at once as in the case of a one-player game. Another soldier can make an injection of morphine to a badly wounded partner in order to bring him to his senses.MULTIPLAYER MODES: GLOBALGames in the following multiplayer modes are held in the framework of rounds. The duration time of a round can be set when you create a game (standard time is 30 minutes). The player or a group of players are given points for successful actions (depending on the mode). The winner is the one who has more points at the end of the round. If the number of points turns out to be equal, you have a draw game.The number of players is 2 &h**ip;16. 2…16.DEATHMATCHIn this mode every player can fight for himself or the players can be divided into two teams. The points are given for elimination of enemies’ units (the number of points depends on unit type). At player’s option : you can choose infantry only or the whole set of equipment.KING OF THE HILLThe aim of the game is to keep one’s emplacements in one zone on the map (as a rule it is the top of a hill). You can play in teams as well as for yourself. The points are given for the time you manage to keep your emplacements.Infantry only.BATTLE ZONESTeam mode. There are several zones on the map you have to occupy and hold under your control. After takeover of your zone, in the centre you will see your flag. You get points as long as the flag is up. The more zones you control, the more points you receive.At player’s option : you can choose infantry only or the whole set of equipment.ESCORTTeam mode. The task of the first team (axis) is to lead a vehicle with a certain load through bases. The task of the second team (partisans) is either to eliminate the vehicle or to prevent it from getting on the territory of a base. The number of vehicles that the players have to drive in a round is set at the beginning of the game. If the task is fulfilled the axis wins the game or the other way around.Partisans: infantry only.Axis: the whole set of equipment.CHICKEN HUNTTeam mode. On the map there is a strategical wood where there are many wonderful fat chickens. To cook lunch you have to get as many chickens as you can and bring them to the field-kitchen. You get points for each chicken. The player who gets more chickens in a round will be full and happy.Infantry only.STALKERTeam mode. There are several emplacements where you can see some objects that appear at regular intervals on the map. You have to gather and bring them to your base. For each object you get one point.Infantry only.FRONTLINETeam mode. There are several defence zones on the map. The task of the first team (offensive players) is to take by storm the defensive installations, the task of the second team is to prevent the first team from doing it. For the storm of every defence zone you have a limited period of time. The team of defenders has fixed resources but it can also use already established cannon and pillboxes on the map. Offensive players have larger resources of equipment and infantry, and their abilities increase with time. If the defence zone is occupied earlier than it was planned offensive players get a certain number of points, otherwise the team of defenders get these points.At player’s option : you can choose infantry only or the whole set of equipment. The sets of equipment and arming are different for the offensive players and the team of defenders

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