Falcon Age Lands On Steam This October Following Epic Exclusivity (2)

There is always something special when you share a bond with an animal. Be it a dog, cat, or any household pet, taking care of these companions can be a truly wonderful experience. However, if you have been searching for something a little more special, look no further than Outerloop Games’ first-person adventure, Falcon Age. Following a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity, the adventure with a bird will be landing on Steam this October 8. The game will also debut on the Nintendo Switch as well.

The premise of Falcon Age has players assuming the role of Ara, a falconer. Together with your trusty friend, you will learn to hunt, gather, and fight against a robotic takeover of your planet. It will be up to you and the adorable flying friend to reclaim your cultural legacy, and overthrow the invaders with the resistance.

Drone warfare

This means plenty of combat involving drones and robots. In between the different encounters, you will also step foot on a world full of secrets and ripe for exploration. Animals and plants are there for the picking, allowing you to create snacks from recipes and even help create new outfits for your pet falcon. In fact, Falcon Age allows you to name and pet your companion, which always make for a heartwarming sight. Feeding it snacks will also provide special buffs and effects.

Falcon Age Lands On Steam This October Following Epic Exclusivity (1)

Most importantly, you can dress up your bird with different outfits, hats, and even scarves. You have never quite seen the sight of a top-hat-wearing falcon soaring through the skies. There are also gameplay elements involved, such as a sonar device added to the falcon to help detect for mines. Falcon Age is certainly a breath of fresh air, and players on Steam should definitely give it a shot.

Falcon Age Steam launch will be on October 8, and it comes with a 25% discount.

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