Fall Guys Celebrates Christmas With Free Costume And Live Action Ad 2

There is no doubting the success of Mediatonic’s breakout hit Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. With the help of publisher Devolver Digital, the game about flailing jellybeans has captured the imagination of players all around the world. Mediatonic has continued to spice things up with more content, with the game now in its winter-themed third season. There’s also a new Ninja costume, but more importantly, what about something for Christmas? In fitting with the ridiculous nature of the game, Fall Guys is celebrating Christmas with a live-action ad that is utterly adorable.

Instead of just doing the normal thing of announcing a freebie via social media, this one is all about the spectacle. It would seem the comedians over at Devolver Digital are not done with 2020 just yet. Just like how the game has filled social media with all the hijinks and funny moments, this ad will live long in the memory as well.


Seasonal cheer

For a full two minutes, we get a life-sized bean who is clearly excited about the holiday season. Unfortunately, the instincts just cannot be turned off. It can’t help itself from grabbing at tails or charging for the crown. You know, typical Fall Guys stuff.

He even comes with animated eyes that just melt the heart, and the sound effects are top-notch as well. Thankfully, it is all smiles at the end for this Fall Guy on Christmas. Better yet, we are all getting a free Santa costume as seen in the ad.

Like most of what the game offers, this costume is definitely cute and perfect for the season. You can pick it up for free, but you need to act before December 25 draws to a close. Now you can clean up the competition in the seven new levels. After all, you deserve all of the presents.

Fall Guys Celebrates Christmas With Free Costume And Live Action Ad 1

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