Fall Guys Creepy Easter Egg Is Full Of Lifeless, Mediatonic Jelly Beans (1)

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to dominate the gaming scene, as more players join in to try to grab a crown for themselves. With a mid-season update going live before next month’s new season, the competitive scene has seen renewed vigor and intense battles. It is certainly not an easy task to win, and sometimes your opponents and even teammates can be sources of constant frustrations. Would it not be nice if they would just give up, and submit to your gaming prowess instead? That is exactly what happened to a Twitch streamer, in a newly discovered Fall Guys Easter egg.

Twitch streamer PrinxessTi definitely had a rude awakening during qualifying. Loading into a new level, the streamer found a level full of lifeless jelly beans, complete with Mediatonic logos. It is certainly a big departure from the usual colorful and cheerful scenes of a Fall Guys level. Here, the other beans are lying down, not moving, and just plain unsettling. While players can drop from great heights, get thrown across the levels, or just endure punishment, death has never been something to consider.


Killing joke

Having seen these scenes, however, perhaps it is best we never do. After reaching out to the developers, PrinxessTi was probably relieved to find out that this is an elaborate Fall Guys Easter egg. It has been included in the game as a “cheeky shout out” to the studio and devs.

The team also clarified that this Fall Guys Easter egg has “a very low probability” of occurring as well. We are definitely heaving a huge sigh of relief. Most players come to Fall Guys for an entertaining time, but this is something else.

Fall Guys Creepy Easter Egg Is Full Of Lifeless, Mediatonic Jelly Beans (2)

It is likely that many will now be on the lookout for this Easter egg. With the game’s popularity, we will likely see more instances of this creepy Fall Guys Easter egg in the future.

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