Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout guide – Tips to claim the crown in Fall Mountain

Fall Guys Fall Mountain Tips

Fall Mountain is a tough final in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The mid-section requires a bit of luck and it’s easy to mistime your run through the spinning hammers. However, there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances of winning. Here are four tips to help you claim the crown and win the Fall Guys Fall Mountain final.

Don’t trip at the start

You start the race by running down a short orange ramp. You can stumble on and off this simple piece of flooring, which will see you playing catch up from the back of the pack. So, the first tip for the Fall Guys Fall Mountain final is to jump onto and off the orange ramp at the beginning. You don’t always trip here, but there’s no reason to risk it.

Fall Guys Fall Mountain Don't Stumble At The Start

Jump onto and off this section to make sure you don’t stumble at the start.

Use a bean shield

The run up the hill with balls flying at you is the toughest part of Fall Mountain. You can’t predict where the balls will come from, so sometimes you’re just going to get knocked down. If you’re not in the front, you should always try to run directly behind another player. If a ball comes flying in your direction, it’ll hit them and bounce over you. Other than that, you’re going to need a bit of luck for this section of Fall Mountain.

Fall Guys Fall Mountain Run Behind Other Players

Thank you, colorful unicorn bean.

Don’t get hammered

The hammer sections can be a little tricky when you’re running at them as fast as you can with other players on your heels. You can’t slow down and wait for the perfect time to dash through. What you can do, is choose the right place to run through to minimize your chances of being knocked down the mountain. You should always run through where a hammer will hit you in the back and not the front. That way, if you do get hit, you’ll at least be knocked towards your goal.

Fall Guys Fall Mountain Run Through Where Hammers Will Hit You In The Back

Choose one of these two spots to run past the hammers.

The next row of hammers is a lot easier. Just pick the side where the hammers will knock you forwards and not backwards.

Don’t panic at the end

Players seem to lose their minds when the crown is in sight. No matter how badly you want to dive in, there’s no point trying to grab it when it’s out of reach. So, the final Fall Guys Fall Mountain tip is to wait for the crown to drop at the end. It doesn’t have to sink all the way, but make sure it is descending and not ascending when you try to grab it. I have won on Fall Mountain many times because players panicked at the end. They just run towards the crown, jump to try and grab it, and end up losing when they should have won.

Always Wait For The Crown To Drop

Don’t be like this bean.

As with all Fall Guys rounds, a little bit of luck is required to win. However, the four tips I’ve shown you above will help you get lucky more often. If you’d like some help with the other Fall Guys rounds, you can check out our tips for Dizzy Heights, Slime Climb, and Gate Crash.

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