New Fall Guys Knight Fever Trailer Shows Off Season 2 Challenge (1)

It is only a few days until Mediatonic and Devolver Digital unleash Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2 upon the masses. Come October 8, Season 2 will bring in a healthy dose of medieval elements. This means a new progression track, new costumes, and of course, new levels. Players have pretty much mastered the levels currently on offer, but things will be shaken up drastically in the new season. As part of the leadup, the new Knight Fever trailer dropped for Fall Guys, courtesy of IGN. From what we’ve seen, players should be worried.

Aside from a full lobby of players jostling to qualify, Knight Fever has plenty of other tricks up its sleeves. Platforms with holes are already a problem, but add in gigantic swinging pendulums with spikes and the tension ramps up. Make it through that, and you will need to deal with spinning platforms with even more spikes. This chokepoint will likely be the new Slime Climb ambush area. Thank goodness for checkpoints.

Best for last

If your jellybean skills are good enough to get past all of that, you will have one last obstacle to overcome. Like See Saw, it will require some good timing and obviously, good luck. The last of the obstacles in this new level are the six drawbridges, oscillating on individual intervals. You need to ensure you can time your run perfectly to get some height and hit the downward slope on the second half of the wooden bridges.

New Fall Guys Knight Fever Trailer Shows Off Season 2 Challenge (2)

Between the stress of trying to complete the levels, constantly changing platforms, and of course, other players, this last hurdle will prove to be a leap of faith in more ways than one. We have all been there, thinking victory was within grasp. Only to have it cruelly snatched away upon failing the last stretch.

Enjoy the Fall Guys Knight Fever level and more when Season 2 begins on October 8.

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