Fall Guys Season 2 Sees New Slime Playlist And Level Rotation Fixes (2)

There is yet another wave of interest in competitive bean sports, as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2 is well underway. From a surprising Sonic the Hedgehog skin to medieval-themed levels and costumes, developer Mediatonic is making sure their initial buzz continues into the foreseeable future. However, the arrival of Season 2 in Fall Guys is not without its issues. Players have noticed that a majority of their time is still spent on familiar levels, and that is a bummer. The newer levels, such as Knight Fever or Wall Guys are not coming up often enough. Thankfully, the problem was acknowledged and fixed in the latest update.

Players will find themselves in the new levels more often than not now. Another issue with Fall Guys Season 2 were the new nameplates and nicknames. While they allow for some customization, these additions took up valuable space in the shop.

This meant players had fewer choices when it came to the daily costumes, patterns, and colors to unlock. That can be frustrating if you have been hunting for something specific. Nameplates and nicknames are hardly the priority when all you want to see is your jellybean flailing around in adorable looks.

Fall Guys Season 2 Sees New Slime Playlist And Level Rotation Fixes (1)

Changes for the better

Fortunately, the item shop cosmetic offerings were also updated. Players will see nameplates and nicknames appear less in the item shop moving forward. Mediatonic also touted the inclusion of themed playlists for Season 2 of Fall Guys. So far, it has been a good way for players to enjoy certain content reliably.

Most recently, Gauntlet Showdown was replaced with a brand new playlist. Slime Survivors will include all of the levels full of the dangerous slime. Slime Climb, Roll Out, Block Party, and Jump Club will pave the way to the finale. As for the final levels, the playlist features Hex-A-Gone and Jump Showdown as your last hurdle to victory.

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