Fall Guys Season 4 level

Mediatonic has given Fall Guys fans another look at the upcoming Season 4. The developer shared a short video on Twitter today featuring one of the new season’s seven levels. Much like the previously revealed Season 4 teaser, the clip showed bright neon colors and ’80s-style arcade techno music.

The tweet revealed that the new Fall Guys Season 4 level will be called Skyline Stumble. “A 60-player gauntlet with Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields, Flippity Bippities, Chonky Buttons, and Spicy Light Swingers!” the description read. The Fall Guys account didn’t elaborate on any of the new features, but fans could likely spot some of them in the video. The clip showed a cluster of Fall Guys beans decked out in their own skins as they engaged in a chaotic footrace. The players jumped over swinging light beams and hopped between disappearing platforms in what looked like the inside of a pinball game.


The battle royale game is currently in Season 3.5, which brought in new levels, skins, and gameplay improvements. There’s no official Season 4 launch date yet, but Fall Guys has teased that it’s “coming soon.” The developer revealed last month that Season 4, called Fall Guys 4041, will feature a futuristic theme. (Of course, I think that the teasers so far have given more retro vibes than anything else, but I digress.) As for the Season 4 details, there aren’t many — yet.

Fall Guys Season 4 is under new management

The new Season 4 teaser has come just days after Mediatonic announced its new owner — Epic Games. The Fortnite developer bought the studio’s parent company, Tonic Games Group, in the hopes of building new content with the same goals in mind. However, Mediatonic has assured that Fall Guys fans will not see any major changes to the game. The studio hopes to improve Fall Guys with Epic’s help, more than it ever could independently. At most, Mediatonic may incorporate some Fortnite and Rocket League elements into Fall Guys. There’s no telling what Fall Guys Season 4 will look like when it arrives, but the new level teaser is hopefully an indication that we’re close to launch day.

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