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Battle royale games are typically far too serious. They all involve guns, explosives, survival; they’re just gratuitous. That may be at least partially why Fall Guys has enjoyed rampant success. It’s a rare battle royale without all the edge, literally. The characters are delightful jelly bean boys, and they run around Wipeout-esque arenas where all the hazards are giant, bouncy inflatables. The latest update in Fall Guys, properly titled season 2.5, is adding more of that goofy goodness.

Being a half-update, players shouldn’t expect a whole heap of new content the next time they log into Fall Guys, but there’s certainly enough to change up the game. First up is a new level, appropriately titled ‘Big Fans.’ It shouldn’t take more than a few guesses to figure out what hazards the Fall Guys will have to work through in this one. Players will have to leap from one spinning fan to the next, which sounds innocuous at first. Except there’s nothing below the fans — they’re suspended in mid-air. Pair that with spinning beams to knock players off and it’s sure to be a chaotic, fun time.


More fans, more content

Today’s update also touches on one of the biggest weaknesses Fall Guys is dealing with right now: repetitiveness. Playing the game is fun, but eventually, players will start to see the same exact level over and over again. And at that point, it’s simply boring to run through.

To keep things fresh, this update is adding a ton of variations to each level. The main season two update already added some level variations, but compared to what players can expect to see now, they’re tame. Players can expect level variants like Rollout with a ton of fruit falling from the sky, or Egg Scramble, except the gold eggs are absolutely enormous. Nobody will ever know what lays them.

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