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[Update – April 6 @ 7:15 PM ET]: The Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has confirmed that Shovel Knight will indeed join Fall Guys this Saturday, April 10. The message came via Twitter post earlier today, which included an image showing off a Fall Guys character decked out in Shovel Knight’s armor and holding aloft his shovel of justice. The original story is as follows.

Fall Guys has officially teased its next crossover. In a not-so-subtle teaser trailer, the battle royale all but confirmed a collaboration with Shovel Knight is coming soon. The video revealed very few details about the event, but it will mark the second crossover in Fall Guys Season 4.

The video on the official Fall Guys Twitter account showed a first-person perspective of a giant pink Guy approaching a shovel in a real-world grassy field. In typical side-scrolling platformer fashion, the perspective switches to third as the Guy walks across the screen with the shovel. Fall Guys didn’t outright confirm a Shovel Knight crossover, but the hints were enough to make it obvious. Music from the official Shovel Knight soundtrack could be heard in the background. Plus, there aren’t too many games out there that use a shovel as the main weapon.


“Can ye guess who our next collab is with?” the tweet read, followed by several eye emoji. “Ye” certainly lends itself to the knights theme, too.

For those who are unfamiliar, Shovel Knight is an 8-bit 2D platformer where a knight collects treasure and takes down enemies with a shovel. After a full release in 2019, Shovel Knight received several add-ons. Fall Guys won’t be Shovel Knights‘ first crossover, as just last month the platformer collaborated with For Honor.

Fall Guys Season 4 brings crossovers to the future

Fall Guys kicked off its future-themed Season 4, titled Fall Guys 4041, last month. The new season brought some brand new levels and gameplay modes, including a new Squads mode for up to four players in a team. Additionally, the start of Season 4 marked a highly-anticipated crossover with Among Us, another hugely popular game in 2020. Players were able to get their hands on a Crewmate skin with a variation that turned the skin into an Impostor. There’s no telling what the Shovel Knight x Fall Guys crossover will hold, but we can imagine the skins will be similar — and a shovel will probably be involved.

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