Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout guide – The Whirlygig tips and shortcut

Fall Guys The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is one of the most fun rounds of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. There are moving pieces everywhere, and players are constantly being battered across the stage. It provides the chaos that makes the game so much fun. However, I see a lot of players failing this round when they really shouldn’t. All you need to succeed in the Fall Guys The Whirlygig round is a little patience, good decision making, and the knowledge about one shortcut.

Take the smart route

By “good decision making”, I mean you should choose the routes that are the easiest for you to navigate. For the first obstacle, that means running towards the sides where the beams come towards you.

Fall Guys The Whirlygig tip - Run The Side The Beams Spin Towards You

This is how you should do this section.

Look at all the beans getting bashed around in the GIF above, because they ran the wrong side of the spinning beams. Do yourself a favor and make good decisions.

Hop ahead

The next obstacle you’ll come to can be a mess when there are a lot of players around. You should always take the travellator in the middle of the ramp, but make sure you get off it before the end to prevent overshooting the yellow box. It’s much faster to hop onto the box and up to the next platform than it is to climb up the wall.

Get Off The Travellator Early And Hop Onto The Box

I overtook four people trying to climb the wall.

Look both ways before crossing The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig round is named after those spinning windmills all over the stage. Needless to say, the first one can whack you to the side and cost you precious seconds. It is always faster to stop for a moment, let the blade pass, and then run through the gap. You should start running through as the whirlygig’s blade is pointing directly down.

Fall Guys Whirlygig Run When The Whirlygig Blade Is In This Position

Run when the blade is here.

There’s another whirligig you need to pass under later in the round. Use the exact same tips to get through it successfully, because it costs you even more time if it hits you.

Slot the gap

After going under the first whirligig, there is a set of three lined up next to each other. They look intimidating, but there are two gaps you can run through where the blades can’t hit you. Choose either side, and don’t stop running.

You Can Run Through Either Of These Two Spaces

You can run through either of these areas without the risk of being knocked over.

The Whirlygig shortcut

Never take the shortcut ramp in the middle. It’s incredibly tough to time your run correctly and you’re most likely going to end up falling off the stage. Plus, there’s a much more reliable shortcut you can take in this section of The Whirlygig. If you take the left or right path, you can jump and dive from the first platform with a spinning beam to the platform directly behind the middle path.

Fall Guys The Whirlygig Shortcut

This shortcut saves you a lot of time.

You can skip two platforms by mastering this shortcut. It also gives you an excellent run at the last obstacle. Speaking of which, you need to be patient again for that last obstacle. Don’t try to make the jump if the blade is in the way.

There you have it, you’ve mastered the Fall Guys The Whirlygig round. If you’d like help with a whole load of other Fall Guys rounds, you can check out our hub for Fall Guys hub for tips, tricks, techniques, and shortcuts.

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