Devolver Direct Livestream fall guys ultimate knockout trailer release date

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout got a colorful, adorable new trailer during the Devolver Direct livestream today. And not only did we get a glimpse at more goofy gameplay, but we also know when it’s out. Fall Guys hits PC on August 4.

If you ever wanted a video game with mascots crossed with Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, Fall Guys might be it. In the new trailer, you can see a swarm of goofily-dressed things vying for the top spot in a no-holds-barred race to the finish. Moving obstacles, platform challenges, and more await. Plus we get a glimpse at the character creation menu. And yes, you can dress up as a hot dog.

The draw for Fall Guys, I feel, is how many contestants it can pit against you. In the above trailer, we see dozens and dozens of players rushing across various stages. And these are all players. Fall Guys is fully multiplayer and online. Naturally, every person you see is your competitor — only the best will win the crown. The other draw, of course, is just how damn cute it is. Mascots bounce and juggle as they run, and getting hit by, say, a spinning hammer causes them to tumble like a cat in a clothes dryer. Which is just funny.

Fall Guys comes with different modes as well, so there shouldn’t be much worry about the game growing stale. It comes with both competitive and co-op modes. One we know about is something akin to a soccer game, where two teams scurry about and try to smack a comically oversized ball into the goal.

Devolver Direct Livestream fall guys ultimate knockout trailer release date

A release date is no obstacle, at least

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available quite soon. The game is heading to PC on August 4 via Steam. Pre-ordering the game will give you a Gordon Freeman costume with a headcrab hat. That’s neat.

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