Fallen Earth Devs Focussed And Determined Since Job Losses

A developer behind the post-apocalyptic MMO, Fallen Earth, has said the remaining team is now more determined and focussed than ever to make the game succeed. While speaking to GamerZines, Fallen Earth’s producer Dave Haydysch said that, despite the team’s recent reduction in size from 110 to just 35, it’s still full steam ahead at Icarus Studios. “The recent layoffs are difficult on all of us here at Fallen Earth,” he said, but continued “The team here at Fallen Earth has rallied and we are more focused and determined than ever to keep bringing new experiences to our players and improving upon existing content as we move forward.” To back this up, he said that players can look forward to “very exciting features and content to come.” Download the latest copy of MMOzine here for the full interview.