Fallen Earth Patch 1.1 Goes Live

Icarus Studios has updated its recently released MMO, Fallen Earth, with a large patch to address many issues, and to add some useful new features.As mentioned in the State of the Game Report last week, new training areas have been added to towns to help new players, but a large chunk of the patch fixes bugs and gameplay issues brought up by the player-base since the launch.The patch notes are as long as my arm, but in short:The in-game Halloween event, Days of the Dead, has begun. A bunch of zombie clones have escaped from the facility they were being held in, and it’s your job to stop them.Several bugs and issues have been fixedTown events have been reworked to make them clearer and more reliableMany UI improvements and adjustments have been madeItems, creatures and skills have also been extensively tweakedBrace yourself and check out the full patch notes at the official site.