Bethesda has announced that past and future DLC for Fallout 3 will be released for the PS3. A press release received today confirms that Operation Anchorage will hit PSN next month, with The Pitt and Broken Steel due to follow “4-6 weeks apart.”An update will be required to allow PS3 users to download the DLC, although no date has been confirmed.Bethesda also revealed today that two new DLC packs will be released for all three platforms. Point Lookout moves the action to a “massive new swampland” which offers new quests and content and is due to arrive on PC and Xbox 360 late next month.Mothership Zeta will see players abducted by aliens and will hit PC and Xbox 360 in late July.Both new DLC instalments will be released for the PS3 sometime after the first three packs. Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta will cost Xbox 360 owners 800 MS Points each with PC and PS3 prices to follow.As if that wasn’t enough Fallout news today, Bethesda also confirmed that three new Fallout 3 products will hit retail this year.Firstly, the Fallout 3 Add-On Pack #1, will contain The Pitt and Broken Steel on disc while the Fallout 3 Add-On Pack #3 includes Broken Steel and Point Lookout. Pack #1 will be released in Europe on 12 June with Pack #2 due to follow in August.Both packs will only be released for PC and Xbox 360.Finally, a Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition, which contains the original game plus all five DLC instalments, will launch for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in October. It will cost £39.99 GBP / €59.99 EUR for Xbox 360 and PS3, and £29.99 GBP / €49.99 EUR for PC.Aaaaaaannnnnnndd………we think that’s all. Phew.

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