Fallout 4 configuration tool makes tweaking easier – Grab it now

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Most of you will be looking for ways to easily change some of the Fallout 4 configuration settings and thankfully there’s now a small tool which will do it for you.

The small application created by Bilago will allow you to tweak the following from a simple interface which means you don’t need to mess about with the ini files in multiple locations. The tool is still in development and so far works well. It also keeps your settings next time you go back into the game by making the files that are tweaked read only.

  • Field of View Tweaker
  • Toggle Mouse Acceleration
  • Toggle Mouse Smoothing
  • Toggle Framerate lock
  • Toggle Gamepad Support
  • Toggle the Intro video
  • Tweak the Mouse Sensitivity
  • Tweak Resolution
  • Toggle Windowed Borderless
  • Makes your INI files read-only after editing so they don’t revert

To get it working simply download the file, run it, make the changes you want, then start the game.

You can download the file from this page which has the file listed. We have checked that it actually works and it’ also perfectly safe to run.

No doubt more features will be added as this Fallout 4 tool expands so keep an eye on that page for future updates.

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