Bethesda’s weekly waltz through the SPECIAL acronym concludes today, with a round-up of how Luck can help you out in Fallout 4. In fairly useful ways, as it happens.

Those who’ve played previous Fallout titles won’t find anything too surprising in this trailer, as it seems like Fallout 4’s Luck system will be much like 3 or New Vegas. Gunshots and melee attacks will be more likely to fortuitously do critical damage, and randomised loot finds may contain something a bit more desirable for the wanderer with a high Luck stat.

There’s also an appearance by the trench-coated Mysterious Stranger, confirming (or maybe re-confirming, I think this was already known) that he’ll be back as a Luck-related Perk.

Fallout 4 comes out 10 November. That’s … actually pretty close now.

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