Fallout 4 “not limited” on the PC, says Bethesda

Fallout 4 “not limited” on the PC, says Bethesda

I’m not actually aware of any reports to the contrary, but, just in case there were some, Bethesda have confirmed that Fallout 4’s resolution and frame-rate will not be limited in the PC release.

Console versions of the game will be the usual 1080p/30fps combo, but a tweet from Bethesda says Fallout 4 is “not limited in any way” on PC.

Bold claims, Bethesda. Can I run it at 600fps and 16k resolution across three monitors, when those monitors are in space? I mean … I don’t imagine ever being able to test that, but it does say “in any way.”

Lame jokes aside, that’s expected news – but good to know.

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