Fallout 4 Pip-Boy App now available on Android

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy App now available on Android

Yes we know, this is an app for a mobile device but we’ll report it anyway because you’ll probably want to check this out and be fully prepared for Fallout 4‘s launch next week.

The Pip-Boy app is a companion for your Fallout 4 experience by synchronising with the game to check stats, inventory, map, radio and holotape games.

Some of you may have invested it the full Pip-Boy experience by purchasing special Pip-Boy Edition for Fallout 4 which comes with its own Pip-Boy and is probably one of the best looking extras to ship with a game’s special edition we’ve seen over the years. It’s actually useful.

Simply install the app on your mobile device then slide that into the Pip-Boy if you have the Pip-Boy Edition. Even if you don’t have the Pip-Boy Edition this should still be fun to mess around with while playing or on the move.

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