At this point, you could cut the anticipation for Fallout 4 with a knife. It’s hard to miss the franchise when entering any retail store with electronics, let alone stores dedicated to the gaming habit. In many ways, Legos have infested that same realm with similar types of intrigue and wonderment. What better way to marry the two joys in life than to build Fallout memorabilia with those press-down pieces.

“It’s been a while since I had the desire to build something really big,” he says. “I was waiting for E3 to decide which game I’ll go for.” As soon as he saw Fallout 4 in this year’s E3 Showcase, Pierre knew what was next. “It was a no-brainer for me,” he laughs. “I started straight away.”–Pierre via Bethesda’s Official Site

A builder by the name of Pierre has reconstructed one of the most notable images from the upcoming Fallout 4 title. The images over at the Bethesda official page detail his work a bit more closely. There is quite the attention to detail as Dogmeat glares up at the armor suit, along with other tools seen on the walls. Oh, and a mini-gun to boot!

Check out some more of the images from the build below:






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