Fallout 4 Release Date Confirmed as November 10, 2015

Game Director of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard confirmed at E3 today that Fallout 4 will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on November 10 of this year.

Featuring a vast open world designed to respond to player choice, Howard stated that Fallout 4 will have dynamic environments, NPCs and dialogue. The game will begin prior to a nuclear war during which the player character will take refuge in Vault 111, only to emerge 200 years later into the wasteland. New to the Fallout series, the game will also feature the ability to hand-craft communities using a new crafting system and a tool that allows the exact placement of building sections, furniture, electric generators, water supplies and crops. As your communities grow, they will attract NPCs bringing trade and progress. So too will raiders take notice, and defences can be set up to defend the growing populaces.

Howard declined to get into plot details, but he did confirm that Fallout 4 will be set in the environs of post-apocalyptic Boston.


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