It’s always wise to have friends, even (perhaps especially) in a post-nuclear apocalyptic hell-hole like Fallout 4’s Boston. That’s why it could be as smart to invest in Charisma as something more aggressive, like Strength.

That’s the message in this latest Fallout 4 SPECIAL video, anyway. It goes into the benefits of not being murdered on sight by angry bar patrons, and how your charismatic ways can help you get favourable bartering conditions for the exchange of goods. Charisma can also help you avoid addiction … somehow. So if you want to booze and pill it up in the wasteland without too many harmful after-effects, that’s the way to go.

Being a charming sort can even help you make friends with the weird and wonderful wildlife out there in Fallout 4’s world (no doubt the Animal Friend perk is down this route).

If you missed the released details on the perks system, have a read of this story from last week. Otherwise, enjoy this fourth SPECIAL video and await Fallout 4’s 10 November release date.

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