Bethesda Studios has finally launched the long awaited beta for Fallout 4’s revamped Survival Mode on Steam. The publisher confirmed that on its official social media accounts and PC gamers can already enjoy this addition starting today. The console versions will follow in the near future.

In Survival Mode you can forget about using some options that made your life in Fallout 4 a lot easier: quicksaving, manual saving, fast travelling, that’s all out. In this updated difficulty mode you can also die from eating uncooked food or drinking dirty water. Bethesda explained everything in a more detailed way in its community forum which you can visit here and in its official website where you can find a variety of challenges presented in a long feature article.

The developers explained in a blog post that they wanted to force players into making tough choices while they are playing Survival Mode. The fact that they were inspired by Dark Souls while they were creating this new option, says a lot. Exploration, strategy and fresh ways of getting around the tough challenges in Fallout 4 will give Commonwealth a more realistic, post-apocalyptic approach.

If you want to test Fallout 4’s Survival Mode beta yourself, the only thing you need to do, is to locate the update under the game’s settings options. Don’t forget to leave your feedback at Bethesda’s newly launched Survival Mode Beta Forum, since the publisher wants really to hear out your personal experiences with this new mode.

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