Testing continues with the Fallout 4 survival mode beta and Bethesda has made a few changes.

    There’s a single new feature in this update but it also changes a few things which make it easier in some areas but harder in others. Less food and drink is now required but there’s now less carry space. Sleep cycle duration has been lowered to 14 hour days, there’s less chance of catching a nasty disease and  Fusion Cores now weigh more.

    It’s a fine balancing act creating this survival mode. Here’s the notes:

    New Survival Features

    • Thirst, hunger, sleep and disease icons will change color based on status

    Survival Fixes

    • Less food and drink are required to maintain proper sustenance
    • Carry capacity lowered
    • Sleep cycle has been lowered from 24 hours to 14 hour days
    • Reduced chances to getting a disease
    • Fusion cores weigh more
    • Nuka Cola Quantums no longer cancel out caffeine effect from Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Cherry
    • Fixed occasional issue with becoming parched or peckish when thirst or hunger are actually satisfied
    • Fixed issue where Adrenaline effect would incorrectly persist after changing difficulty level
    • When companion is down, a quest target will appear on them
    Paul Younger
    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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