That message sounds familiar.

Update: As has always been a possibility, this site was just a hoax.It’s now confirmed

Earlier today, the now-daily Morse code and cipher change appeared on thesurvivor2299.com (we’ll get to them shortly.) However, the suspected Fallout 4 teaser site is now advising people to ‘Please Stand By’ on both the front page in plain text and in the form of Morse code (PSE AS.)

Let’s clear up those new codes for 6 December, though. First, the cipher (as noted by IncGamers reader CptSlappy) which read “REV 3120 PAB UNAT BA XVQ, VG’F ABG BIRE LRG VG YBBXF ONQ XRRC GURZ OHFL, V’YY TRG UVZ GB GUR FURYGRE.” This translates as  “HANG ON KID, IT’S NOT OVER YET IT LOOKS BAD KEEP THEM BUSY, I’LL GET HIM TO THE SHELTER,” which some people on r/Fallout have speculated may be a chat between two people (as denoted by line breaks in the code.)

Person 1: Hang on Kid, it’s not over yet.

Person 2: It looks bad.

Person 1: I’ll get him to the shelter.

There also used to be a different Morse code, which (when translated) said “Calling all stations, calling all stations, calling all stations. Break. Attention all. Emergency message. We are under attack. Frequency 2250. I say again. Attention all. Emergency message. We are under attack. Frequency 2250.”

That, combined with the new ‘Please Stand By’ message seems to be an indication to listen in on a real life frequency 2250 (presumably short wave radio) for further messages. Or, if you’re optimistic, it’s asking people to ‘Please Stand By’ for something at VGX tomorrow.

If you believe the official line, Bethesda’s PR chap Pete Hines has said that the company will not be talking about or showing anything at the event.

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