Fallout - Oscar Zulu

The “Oscar Zulu” transmission, as seen in Fallout 3.

Update 22/11/13: More codes have appeared with more messages

The mystery continues on the is-it/isn’t-it teaser site for an apparent Fallout 4 announcement, with the addition of a new morse code signal. This was spotted (and already decoded) by the sharp-eyed people on the Fallout subreddit.

According to their deductions, the message says “CQ CQ CQ DE OZ PSE AS.” Happily, this isn’t just meaningless gibberish, and means (roughly) “Calling Any Station, Calling Any Station, Calling Any Station, This is/From OZ (Oscar Zulu), Please Wait.” This may or may not relate to the ‘Oscar Zulu’ station present in Fallout 3.

Whether this adds more or less credence to the idea that this site is counting down to a Fallout 4 reveal is open to debate. A Fallout 3 reference might add weight to the theory that Bethesda will be developing this one (as the most recent Bethesda Fallout project was 3,) or it may suggest that there’s nothing much behind this except an impish mind hoping to mess with Fallout fans.

A Vault-Tec logo has appeared on the countdown too, which you’d imagine would make Bethesda a bit upset if the site was not legitimate.

Bethesda has refused to comment on the rumours, which does mark a slight change from their usual approach of flat-out denying Fallout 4 stories. However, they also obfuscated the information around Arkane working on Prey 2, so who knows. Over the weekend, it emerged that Fallout 4 had been trademarked in Europe.

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