Cool your heels on racing to any Fallout 4-related rumours for The Game Awards, because Bethesda say they have nothing to show there. That means you can rule out any Dishonored 2 action as well, sadly.

That Bethesda statement came in the form of a twitter post (below,) in which they say they will be attending Geoff Keighley’s fancy soiree on 5 December; but only to support Wolfenstein: The New Order developers Machine Games.

There tends to be a rumble of “Fallout 4?” hopes whenever any trade show or press event rolls around (for obvious reasons, it’s a much-anticipated continuation of a popular series,) but Bethesda has started getting quite pro-active about squashing such speculation.

We do, however, know that the revived King’s Quest will be getting a “world premiere” trailer at the show. Thanks to this comment from Keighley himself:

Friday’s show is promising around 18 “world premieres,” but keep in mind that’s just awful videogame hype parlance for “a trailer nobody has seen yet.” You could have a “world premiere” of Minecraft if was some previously unseen footage.

Some things probably will be revealed for the first time, though. It’s already been mentioned that Metal Gear Online (last seen as a PS3 title, so possibly not relevant to PC – we’ll see) will be getting some sort of reveal. So too will some new stuff from No Man’s Sky, which at this point is about 99% confirmed as a PC title (at some point, at least) as well as a PS4 one.

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