Fallout 76’s Entire Map Has Been Revealed

Fallout 76 mod
Mods require a private server, and both are a long way off.

Fallout 76 is going to be huge. Despite taking as much space on your hard drive as Fallout 4, Bethesda announced the game world will be roughly four times the size. Thanks to GameSpot, we now know just what this massive piece of West Virginia will look like.

Below is the game’s map in its entirety. Did I mention the map is big? Well, here’s your reminder: it’s big. So big, in fact, that I graciously set the image below to open in a new tab for you to scrutinize at your leisure. You’re welcome.

Fallout 76 Full Map

It’s A Big Country

Fallout 76 needs to be this massive. Prior games felt just right when it was only you on your lonesome journey of adventure, accidentally stumbling upon Deathclaw nests. But Bethesda built Fallout 76 to hold up to 24 players simultaneously. Naturally, as the Deathclaw fodder grows, so too must the world around them.

You start out stumbling, blinking into the light as you leave the confines of Vault 76. It’s located on the map near the northwestern quadrant. Directly to the west, a small town housing the Mothman Museum stands ripe for looting. That is, if you’re not immediately distracted by a cow that’s… wearing a hat? What?

Anyway, we can already see some particularly treacherous areas. To the southeast lies a blood-red landscape, almost like Fallout‘s version of Mordor, a Barad-dûr doppelganger included. West of that sits a gray smudge, dotted by construction equipment and perhaps some mining operations.

Fallout 76

The map shows off roads and highways, rivers and dams. There are plenty of towns to visit, as well as distractions, such as theme parks and what looks to be the remains of a Nuka-Cola plant. That sits southwest of Vault 76, and right in spitting distance of that gray smear.

We’ll be able to see all these locations and more once the Fallout 76 beta launches on October 30. The beta includes the entire game, so there shouldn’t be any stone unturned by the time the game hits its official launch on PC on November 14. Click here for more on the upcoming beta.

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