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Fallout 76 Oldest Trick in the Book quest guide

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate cults?

After completing Seeking Shelter in Fallout 76, Audrey Stolz will give you another one called Oldest Trick in the Book. It may be more challenging. However, this guide will show you how to complete the Oldest Trick in the Book quest for Fallout 76.

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Oldest Trick in the Book – Fallout 76 quest guide

As mentioned, this quest takes place after you’ve done Seeking Shelter. When that’s done, talk to Audrey in the Dark Hollow Manor. This should start the quest. Upon interacting with the NPC, Hugo will come in and inform you that his wife, Cassidy has been taken away and that he needs your help in finding her. After this brief conversation, Audrey will give you the location of where his wife is so you don’t have to go searching. To find her, you must take care of the cultist that has kidnapped her first. Which leads into the next part.

When you finish speaking to Audrey, you’ll get a marker of where the cult’s hideout should be, which is in Old Crimora Mine. It’s going to be near the southern part of the world. You can use the map below as a reference, but the game will tell you where to go.

Fallout 76 Oldest Trick in the Book quest guide
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As you approach the mine, there will be cultists around. Take care of them first before going in. They might be a harder enemy to deal with, so if you have something like the Red Terror LMG, you can easily take care of business. 

Once that’s done, make sure you get the Cultist Garments. You can find it in a shed near the entrance of the mine. After, head into the mine.

Navigating the mine

Luckily the mine itself isn’t huge, and the paths are straightforward. So you can get to your location fast this way. As you reach the top section of the mine, you’ll need to find an NPC called Elder Prepper. Your map will give his location. 

When you meet the Elder Prepper, won’t be able to go further until you choose one of the following options: shooting him or giving him the password.

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If you plan on killing the Elder Prepper, prepare for a tough fight, as the other NPCs will attack you. However, for a more passive approach, you can give him the password. The password is (or passphrase): To peak past Pepper you must pester Pepper’s peers to apprise Pepper’s Password to pass past Pepper’s pier

Note, that this might not work if you haven’t found the password first. To locate it, look for a bed in the upper section of the cave you’re in.

Also, another note. If an event like Neurological Warfare gets triggered during this quest, and you run to do it and then come back, all the NPCs might attack you regardless if you have the disguise on or not. Make sure you at least get to the point where you’re past the Elder Prepper, and then you can go and do the event without having any issues. 

Regardless of how you deal with the Elder Prepper, you’ll go through it, and the quest will progress. Now we can find Cassidy.

Locating Cassidy

Once you get past the NPC, a new area of the mine opens up. With this, you should get another marker giving you the whereabouts of Cassidy. In this new arena, you’ll run into the prison cells. You could open up all and get the rewards. However, the main point of searching in these cells is to retrieve Cassidy.

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After finding her, you’ll be led to the main area where you’ll meet the cult leader, Alex. She’ll explain how much she hates Hugo for what he’s done when talking to her. Once that conversation is done, Alex will tell her followers to attack. Simply wipe them out

This part of the quest has been reported to be bugged. When you kill all the cultists attacking you, the quest doesn’t update. To fix this, you can either jump to a different server or restart the game or the quest entirely

Finishing up and meeting Hugo

When the fight is done, your next goal is to leave the mine and find Hugo. This is the easy part, as it is on your map. But, he’ll be located back in the Dark Hollow Manor. Once you talk to him, the quest is complete, and you’ll earn not only a large amount of XP but the Cultist Monarch Outfit as well.

Should you help, capture, or kill Hugo in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley
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Decide Hugo’s fate in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley. Who knows, you might see something unexpected.

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