Fallout: New Vegas, Developer Diary #4 – Factions

A fourth Fallout: New Vegas developer diary has crawled out of the Mojave wasteland and pressed itself into our hot little hands gasping “water … water.”
After it was fully refreshed, it began to divulge details about the various factions which populate the game. There’s the New California Republic (a big sprawling government, probably up to no good,) Caesar’s Legion (a band of merciless slavers, definitely up to no good) and Mr. House (a Vegas loon, possibly up to no good.) Other minor factions will also be present, but the above are the main three. Or, you could just say screw everyone and go it alone; but that could result in more problems. Oh, curse this morally ambiguous world …
Click below to watch the footage – but do be warned, it contains a few spoilers.

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